Walla Walla Ski Swap- 2023

Walla Walla Ski Swap
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Walla Walla Fairgrounds
363 Orchard Street
A great community event with winter and outdoor gear for all.

Use the link button above/below to register and add items to the sale.  There is a 25 percent  consignment fee if your item is sold. Once you register your items you can bring them in on Friday, between 4 p.m and 8 p.m. 

There are a few easy steps you will need to follow to register your gear:

  1. Set up an account here on myskiswap.com.  Make sure you save your login information, also be sure to include your mailing address in your account information so we can send you a check for items sold.  If you add your phone number to your account you will receive a text message when one of your registered items sells.
  2. Click "Add your inventory"
  3. List each of your items individually, unless you have multiples of the same thing.  In that case you can choose a quantity of up to 10 on one line.  
  4. You do NOT need to add photos of your gear.
  5. After each item entry click the blue "Create Inventory" button to add it to your list of registered items.

Inventory tags will be printed, and we will be able to assist you in attaching them to your consigned equipment.  While we recommend all items be pre-registered, there will be registration computers available at check-in.

The sale is conducted on Saturday and Sunday. 

After the sale you will get an email with list of your items that sold or did not sell.  Please be sure to check your spam folder!

If all your items are sold and no items to pickup, your check will be mailed. You don't have to come back to the swap.

Otherwise, you can come pick your items up Sunday between 2 and 4pm and receive a check for items sold (less consignment fee).  This is a hard deadline as we will be gone after Sunday, so make sure you can come get items then. 

Contact Name: Jonathan Maland
Contact Email: jon@dustys.ski

Walla Walla Ski Swap Consignment fee is 25% Unsafe or damaged items will be refused.

You can add your inventory to our ski swap by clicking on Sign up or Login
Public Inventory Sign Up

Checkin Times

Checkin Date Start Time End Time
Public Checkin Friday November, 24 04:00 PM 08:00 PM
Public Checkin Saturday November, 25 08:00 AM 09:15 AM

Sale Times

Sale Date Start Time End Time
Sale Saturday November, 25 09:30 AM 05:00 PM
Sale Sunday November, 26 10:00 AM 02:00 PM

Checkout Times

Checkout Date Start Time End Time
Public Checkout Sunday November, 26 02:00 PM 04:00 PM

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